Sugar trading falls within Waltex's Commodity Trading division, specialising in importing and distributing premium refined white sugar. Its primary market targets are in the food and beverage, carbonated drinks, dairy, and bakery sectors, with a focus on business-to-business (B2B) transactions. The segment provides packeted refined white sugar to the catering and restaurant industry, along with caster sugar tailored for industrial applications.

Sugar Categories

Three grades of sugar - refined, semi-refined, and super-refined - are imported from Thailand, India, and Dubai. These high-quality sugars cater to local industry players in the beverage, confectionery, and pharmaceutical sectors, offering competitive pricing. The diverse range of sugar grades ensures that businesses in these sectors have access to the specific types of sugar needed for their products, sourced from reputable international suppliers.

Quality Standards

All sugar imported into the country complies with the stringent international quality standards established for the sugar manufacturing industry. Furthermore, it undergoes thorough testing and analysis to ensure it is free from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), as verified by the issuance of a Non-GMO Certificate of Analysis.

Super Refined Sugar

This type of sugar, mainly used by carbonated drink and pharmaceutical product manufacturers, is known as super refined sugar or ultra-fine sugar. It boasts a finely processed texture and rapid dissolvability, making it a preferred choice for ensuring smooth consistency in beverages and pharmaceutical formulations.

Refined Sugar

This is pure crystal white sugar, commonly used by confectioneries in products like biscuits and chocolate. It undergoes extensive processing to remove impurities, resulting in a fine texture ideal for baking and sweetening beverages. Despite its widespread use, some may opt for less refined sugars for potential health benefits.

Semi-refined Sugar

Semi-refined sugar, often termed as raw or natural sugar, is minimally processed and retains more of its natural molasses and minerals. It is commonly used in daily cooking and beverages, offering a richer flavour profile compared to refined sugar. Due to its less processed nature, it may contain small amounts of impurities, but some prefer it for its perceived health benefits and distinct taste.